Today is the 23rd….. You forgot someone on your list….. They live out of town and you will NEVER get a gift to them on time. What’s a Christmas Gift missing Boy or Girl to do? WINE COUNTRY GIFT BASKETS…… Today is the last day to get a beautiful wine (or non alcoholic) gift basket sent. I keep this company in my back pocket for those gifts that need to be beautiful and sent last minute knowing they will make it on time….. With a wonderful list of California wines to choose from…. this is my favorite site to get the job done….

Merry Almost Christmas!

signature Laura Dunn

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5 thoughts on YOUR LAST CHANCE…..

  1. thanks laura i just ordered a basket for my uncle. i was so worried that i wouldn’t get something to him in time and bing you put this up today. brilliant! successful transaction!

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