Pennies & Really Posh: Burberry trench

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Posh off the Runway….

Today’s story brings us to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, AKA: LACMA…. where we shot inside the famed rows of lights. These photographic dream lights have been shot by many a photographer…. and today our creative director, Tiffany Marie Brannon, takes all the photo credit. Today’s Pennies & Posh could be just about one of my all time favorites! The Italian made, Burberry trench coat is straight off the Spring/Summer runaway 2015, with details only Burberry could put on a trench coat. The removable collar and cuffs are a dreamy pink patent leather that accentuates the multi-color cotton blend body of the coat. The cut of this trench coat is so exquisite…. I actually squealed with delight upon placing on my body. Add in a front button closure, front and back storm flaps, two side pockets and a matching belt. PERFECTION in TRENCH! Coming in at a very posh price around three thousand dollars…. but unfortunately Sold Out across the globe! An Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf and a sequin Mui Mui purse finish off the Posh.

We “Pennied” out this outfit with a pair of Zara glitter boots that were gifted to me by my daughter, Beau. Talk about excitement!!! I opened that package thinking I was holding the Saint Laurent glitter boots that took the runway by storm this Fall 2015/16! I cried with delight when I found out these Zara knock offs were a mere $49.00, compared to the $1000.00 for the Saint Laurent. We finished off the Pennies part of this story with a pair of Flying Monkey jeans….

laura-dunn-burberry collagelaura-dunn-burberry-glitter bootie

Happy Wednesday and Happy Shopping!!

All my love,

Laura Dunn

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Instant Gratification: The FujiFilm Polaroid Camera


polaroid camera


The (New and Fabulous) Polaroid Camera

I welcomed with arms wide open…. my newest camera purchase…. The Instax Wide 300 by FujiFilm. YAY!! We opened, inserted film… and shot! 30 seconds later…. an old school Polaroid photo in my hand!! It’s doesn’t get more instant gratification than a Polaroid picture! What I love about the new Instax Wide 300 is the easiness of shooting with this substantial camera that…. looks as good as it works.







Once Ana and I got started it was hard to stop! We spent hours (that we didn’t have) playing “Polaroid Camera” Fun? OMG YES!! Should you get one? Only if you love instant gratification, amazing photos and ease as much as I do!! Ease for selfies? As easy as apple pie!!

Lots of Instax love,

Laura Dunn xoxo

P.S. Next week we will show you 10 mind blowingly creative ways to hang your Polaroid pictures!!

EXCITING NEWS: The countdown to our new site with new name has begun…… 10….9….8…. 

Be sure to check out the fabulous Polaroid cameras below!!


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Ode to: Burning Man





A week long festival in the middle of Black Rock Dessert…. Burning Man….. a most welcoming event where money is left behind and kindness and free spirited-ness are the currency spoken there. A festival dedicated to radical self expression, creativity, freedom of speech and art. I have never been…. but do plan in this lifetime to able to whisper the words… “I survived the extreme conditions at Burning Man.” The first Burning Man was in 1986 with 20 participants…. and this year there is an expected 70,000 people that will be radically self reliant….

Always starting the last Monday in August and ending the first Monday in September…

With today being the start of Burning Man…. I thought we should go over the 10 Principals.












Laura_Dunn-Burning Man (9)

Our Ode to Burning Man OutFit: Creatures of Comfort black linen jumpsuit. Headdress bought in Kauai (originally from Bali ) and cost only 80.00. The statement beaded pullover is from a little store in London and was in the $200.00 range. Whenever I see unusual pieces I grab them as quickly as possible…. because you never know when a statement piece will come in handy for changing the entire look of an outfit. 

With Some Burning Love,

Laura Dunn


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Dinner With Jackson Pollock




My daughter Beau and I had the extreme pleasure of going to a book signing last week at the Christofle Silver Gallery in West Hollywood. The featured author? Robyn Lea, who penned the book “Dinner with Jackson Pollock.” The cover alone is beautiful enough to sell the book – and that is actually what it did for me. “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is an absolutely stunning cookbook, highlighting abstract artist Jackson Pollock and his wife Lee’s recipes. Who knew that one of the most celebrated artists of all time was also a chef?! “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is part cookbook, part art book, and part history book that brings us an interesting and new perspective into the life of the artist himself and gives us a context for his work. The stunning photos of Pollocks’ home, art, recipes, artifacts, scribbled notes are all shot by the talented author and the recipes are easy to follow and very sound. It’s a start to finish cookbook that translates well into 2015.

Ana and I picked an easy recipe to try  and headed into the Fabulous365 kitchen to cook up some “Brandied Peaches and Custard.” We actually skipped the custard as we are both watching our weight, and went for the straight Brandied Peaches. Easy to make and delicious to eat! This book is a must for the savory chef and a home run for any foodie. But even if you are not a chef (or hate to cook) this stunning book would look great in any kitchen! Bravo Robyn Lea for allowing us a glimpse into the undiscovered food life of Jackson Pollock.

Laura_Dunn-Dinner with Jackson Pollock (14)









Laura_Dunn-Dinner with Jackson Pollock (6)

With Some Serious Yummy Lovin,

Laura Dunn

P.S. And why would I not dress to cook with Jackson? I picked this fancy Christopher Kane paillette front, black dress from my closet archives. It’s one of my all time favorite dresses! I added in a pair of inexpensive opera length gloves for the chic factor! Voilà! An outfit worthy of Mr. Pollock!

signature Laura Dunn

Art and Fashion






Art and Fashion 

I had the great pleasure of meeting the RETNA himself in person for the first time at his studio right after his collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2013. RETNA was one of three artists that were chosen to design a series of LV scarves for the “Street Art Collection.” And it just so happened that on that bright sunny day in downtown Los Angeles, I had one of those scarves in my car! He signed it and it now resides framed above a fireplace in my home. It truly is a perfect mix of Art and Fashion! After a tour of the studio, I spied one of my all time favorite pieces of art – a highly polished, chrome airplane wing that was painted with the signature Retna calligraphy. Stunning does not describe the piece where upon viewing for the first time… my body was engulfed in goose bumps and the world stopped – at that moment I became a fan for life. Mr. Lewis was also commissioned in 2011 to paint the tail wing of a VistaJet valued at $60 million US dollars. We personally own several RETNAS, including a surf board that was part of a charity collection and can be seen in the archives here on Fabulous365. Not only is RETNA a great talent… he is an amazing human being.  One word describes the Man and his Art…. Fabulous.



Our Ode to RETNA Fashion

Red dress by Lanvin, summer 2015 collection, 

Necklace, Gloves & Shoes by PRADA 




Laura_Dunn-Lanvi-Retna (19)

All my love,

Laura Dunn

Laura_Dunn-Lanvi-Retna (32)

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Art & Fashion



This edition of “Art & Fashion” brings us to an iconic name in the art world – Jean-Michael Basquiat – and an iconic name in the world of trendy affordable clothing – Forever 21.


Imagine my surprise when I was on a Pennies & Posh buying spree at Forever 21 and I saw a Jean-Michael Basquiat image on a tee-shirt! Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Could a Basquiat image (one of my all time favorite artists) seriously be on an tee-shirt at Forever 21?



Upon further inspection… there were actually 2 different images… on tees and a sweatshirt. What? Forever21 and art?

Laura_Dunn-Art & Fashion (7)


Laura_Dunn-Art & Fashion (6)

Not just any art… art by one of the most iconic artists in art history? Yes! WOW! Forever 21 has gone uptown with an Art Series…. Another WOW moment! Starting in May of 2014 as a capsule collection… with Keith Haring leading the charge…. and Jean-Michael finishing the series.


Laura_Dunn-Art & Fashion (8)

I caught the tale end as it’s sold out in most stores…. but do yourself a serious favor (even if this is not your look) purchase if you can and hold onto it as they will end up being collector pieces with some serious Ebay value!

Artfully Yours,

Laura Dunn

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