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My daughter Beau and I had the extreme pleasure of going to a book signing last week at the Christofle Silver Gallery in West Hollywood. The featured author? Robyn Lea, who penned the book “Dinner with Jackson Pollock.” The cover alone is beautiful enough to sell the book – and that is actually what it did for me. “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is an absolutely stunning cookbook, highlighting abstract artist Jackson Pollock and his wife Lee’s recipes. Who knew that one of the most celebrated artists of all time was also a chef?! “Dinner with Jackson Pollock” is part cookbook, part art book, and part history book that brings us an interesting and new perspective into the life of the artist himself and gives us a context for his work. The stunning photos of Pollocks’ home, art, recipes, artifacts, scribbled notes are all shot by the talented author and the recipes are easy to follow and very sound. It’s a start to finish cookbook that translates well into 2015.

Ana and I picked an easy recipe to try  and headed into the Fabulous365 kitchen to cook up some “Brandied Peaches and Custard.” We actually skipped the custard as we are both watching our weight, and went for the straight Brandied Peaches. Easy to make and delicious to eat! This book is a must for the savory chef and a home run for any foodie. But even if you are not a chef (or hate to cook) this stunning book would look great in any kitchen! Bravo Robyn Lea for allowing us a glimpse into the undiscovered food life of Jackson Pollock.

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With Some Serious Yummy Lovin,

Laura Dunn

P.S. And why would I not dress to cook with Jackson? I picked this fancy Christopher Kane paillette front, black dress from my closet archives. It’s one of my all time favorite dresses! I added in a pair of inexpensive opera length gloves for the chic factor! Voilà! An outfit worthy of Mr. Pollock!

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31 thoughts on Dinner With Jackson Pollock

  1. Can I please tell you I LOVE your Frenchies? Pearl is a gem and Bob is such a regal stud-muffin. Love the InstaGlam!

  2. I hate cooking! My Mom never taught me how to cook but I am learning that I will starve to death if I don’t figure out how to cook! But I have learned to order a badass takeout!!

  3. I am intrigued with the beautiful artistic way he makes the food look like an art piece. It’s beyond just placement for presentation.

  4. Is that your kitchen? That is my dream kitchen. I would cook all day everyday if I had such and amazing kitchen!

  5. I was looking at this book online a few months ago but didn’t purchase it yet…I will be now; thank you Laura.

  6. I don’t come from a family that had any talent with cooking but I have been trying my hand at it and boy am I having some serious fun! And if you make a mistake, oh well, start over!

  7. Now, since I bought the book, I must know where you got the green bib necklace you are wearing at the party with the white dress.

  8. I did some research on Jackson (Paul) as I usually do after reading your blogs and what a tragic loss of an amazing Artist.

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