The Dirty Dozen

The “Dirty Dozen” is back…..YAY!! So up today? The Blueberry. Of 60 fruits and vegetables analyzed in a Tufts University study…. the almighty blueberry had the highest antioxidant content of all…. Meaning…. the blueberry has the ability to reduce free radical damage in our bodies’ cells, which means it is one of the healthiest food choices to put in our bodies. Now here’s the serious issue…. This Fruit Perpetrator usually tops the Dirty Dozen list with more than 50 pesticide residues! 50! Yuck!
For those of you that are new to The Dirty Dozen…. I will give you a little recap. “The Dirty Dozen” is a list of fruits and vegetables that have been found to have the highest residual pesticides by several watch groups with The Environmental Working Group leading the pack. So far we have highlighted 5 of “The Dirty Dozen.” Strawberries, grapes, apples and hot peppers…. and including today…. the powerful blueberry. 
On the blueberry it’s… Go Organic…. or Go Home! I wouldn’t even consider putting one of these babies in my mouth unless I knew 100%…. it was organic. It’s that bad. Cultivated blueberries are heavily sprayed and seriously contaminated. Wild grown, organic are smaller but way tastier! So My Beautiful Peeps…. Let’s make a pact to only buy organic when purchasing this powerhouse of a fruit!


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16 thoughts on The Dirty Dozen

  1. OMG! As I descend into this new world of the Nutra bullit , one of my main fruit choices have been these little plump purple eaters, unaware and oblivious of their high residual to pesticides. YUCK!! Well it’s time I invest in that fruit and veggie soap that I’ve often giggle about in markets! Now to excersice restraint to pop them in my mouth before i give them their refreshing little bath! I’ll think of you and this informative article!!

  2. Great Article!
    Yes wash and with a specific veggie bath. Remember if fruit sprayed with anything it is made to stay on fruit when the garden sprinklers go on at the farm. So buy the wash that disintegrates this coating. Thank you for reminding everybody about the dirty dozen.

  3. wow – such an eye opener for my morning reading. I have taught my children to love fresh fruits and veggies.Blueberries are a huge hit with the baby and 8 year old (and some for momma too) and we are always washing our fruits but now we are going to go organic for our favorite snack.

  4. I don’t like blueberries, but my husband does. Just showed him your blog. Didn’t know apples were on the list too. Great to know…forget the CA drought, we need to wash our fruit and vegetables extra long!

  5. I use blueberries for several different things. Good snacking fruit, add to my protein shake in the morning, freeze them and put them in juice (always champagne). They act like ice cubes, but then you get to eat them afterwards! What I don’t do is wash them as I should 🙁 I didn’t know this was an issue. Thank you for enlightening me on this!

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