The Easiest Caramel Apple In The World!


My favorite thing to make this time of year is…. caramel apples. But to boil carmel and ruin a pan…. not my bag. In comes…. Caramel Wraps by Concord Foods, and life just got a whole lot easier! When we went to shoot this story….. every store we went to… was completely sold out of The Carmel Wraps…. so we bought the “Candied Apples” kit by the same company. It was by no means as easy to make as the caramel apples….. as there was boiling involved… but still a good time was had by the team. 
Laura-Dunn-Carmel Apples-Ana-Ochoa-Photography
So Kids…. Let’s make the easiest and tastiest caramel apples you will ever make!!
Once the apples are completed and cooled…. The world is your decorating oyster!! 



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20 thoughts on The Easiest Caramel Apple In The World!

  1. Bubble bubble, toil and trouble !!!
    One of my all time favorite desserts!! And somehow guilt-free, An apple a day keeps the doctor away!!!
    I’m doing this prom queen!!! On Halloween nite!! Woohoo! BOO

  2. I love the fall season for many reasons. Caramel apples are definitely one of those reasons! I don’t think I’ve ever tried a candy apple though….

  3. Great tip on making caramel apples. Those are so good but always such a pain to make. I will definitely be trying it this way instead!

  4. Ohhhh yesss! I can’t wait to try this! This will be a fun little baking project for this weekend! If I can’t find this in stores, I will try online, maybe?!

  5. I love all these desserts that only come around by Halloween! These would actually make really cute gifts, once you decorate them!

  6. My family and I discovered these about a year or two ago. Brilliant design that makes it so much easier to cook your own apples to enjoy!

  7. Laura,

    I am a single Dad and love reading your blog as it gives me some great ideas for my weekend with the kids! keep these great ideas coming that are not too complicated!


  8. I think I might give this a try…. my kids fall festival is coming up and I need to take something to sale at the bake sale so why not right…. it doesn’t seem that hard to do. Thanks for the idea Laura

  9. I love caramel apples more than anything but until now, I had to wait for the LA County Fair. This seems so simple and yummy I am drooling as I write! I guarantee they are just as messy to make and eat but that’s half the fun! 🙂

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