And I mean that! Lately I have had several very close calls in my SUV… with men, women and children walking right behind me as I am pulling out of a parking spot. Most people think that because the SUV’s sophisticated camera systems…. that they will be seen no matter where they walk around these vehicles…. NOT! The G-Wagon I drive has blind spots all over the sides… so I really can’t see anyone that creeps up along those areas. Now here’s where it get’s really ugly…. A woman with a beautiful little 2 year old toddler walked in my blind spot two weeks ago. I came within an inch of running them both over. Thank God… something intuitively me made me stop the car…. low and behold… there they were in my blind spot. I didn’t sleep for week thinking about that little baby girl and how I could have seriously hurt or even killed her. 








Drivers…. PLEASE beware when pulling out in your SUV!  Pedestrians… Please  DO-NOT walk on the sides or behind an SUV or any vehicle for that matter…..  because honestly….. most of the time…. They seriously can’t see you!
My driving outfit is…. an Isabel Marant skirt, Velvet long sleeve tee, paired with a pair of Tabitha Simmons black suede slides. The black velvet shades are by Ray-Ban….



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8 thoughts on BE AWARE!!!

  1. These r one of the best pictures of you, there is such a relaxed sassy nonchalance stance to them. You look Gorgeous!!!!
    Yikes, the story is scary, how can we rectify this ?? Not to point my finger at anyone but have u noticed lately that people have a grandiose sense of entitlement even when their jaywalking??

  2. I couldn’t agree more with you there are blind spots and people walking need to be careful as much as the people driving. By the way loving the outfit.

  3. I have never understood why parents are like that. No matter where I am walking, if its a parking lot or sidewalk my daughter is always by my side and my eyes are all over the place looking for any moving vehicles. With children a mother has to be aware at all times. Thank God your incident didn’t turn out worse.

  4. One time while I was waiting for the light to turn green I saw a women with her two children. While she was interested on what was going on with her phone, one of her children went onto to the street and started walking. If i wasn’t for a women screaming at her she would have not notice her child walking down a busy street (sepulveda). Luckily someone got out of their car and grabbed the child and put him on the sidewalk. I hope she learned her listen.

  5. that is why my dad thought me to be aware while i drive. He says you might be the perfect driver but there are two many dumb people who don’t even know how to walk correctly. I am glad nothing bad happen and that you and the child are safe.

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