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Laura Dunn

As of late…. there has been quite a bit insanity going on in my life. I read about this ages old remedy to help clear chaos from our lives and home a couple of days ago….. and decided that it was time to implement….. ASAP! I followed the directions and within 24 hours there is a new found peace within my home. I must say…. I am feeling so much better. In my mind? Not sure…. but anything to help bring calm into our lives is worth trying…. 

*Fill the glass or crystal bowl 3/4 up with the distilled/spring water 

*Peel each of the 9 oranges and put into bowl

*Soak 24 hours
Take the orange water and fill a clean spray bottle. Starting at your front door….. Clockwise….start spraying the perimeter of the interior of your home. Getting every nook and cranny. I sprayed the water everywhere on all of my floor surfaces without an issue…. no staining. Now mind you I only sprayed a very fine mist…. but none the less… no issues. 
                       24 Hours later…. Peace, Calm and Happiness
P.S…. Side Note: One of my very best friend’s mother…. is a sage of sorts…. A very, very wise woman. Mama Madge recommends splashing pure rose water at the exterior of your front door. The rose water is said to remove any negative energy from your home and not allow any negativity in. Thank you Mama Madge and Grace for your advice and wisdom!!
– Laura Dunn

Laura Dunn


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29 thoughts on Laura Dunn – Orange to the rescue!!

  1. WOW!!! Fabulous home remedy to do!!!
    And with positive affirmations, May God Bless your Home, Family and Pets!! May The Lord continue to Bless you with peace, happiness and serenity. May The LORD also send you protective Angels to always guide and support you!!! Allow the vision of victory to take root in your heart, accept that he is making you strong thru adversity!! Thank you Father, I put you first in my Life so that I can be a blessing to others today! GOD will take every obstacle in your Life and turn it into a stepping stone that will take you to a higher place of honor and greater blessing!
    Love you LD!!!

  2. Who cares if it is all in your head!? If you’re feeling better that’s all that matters! Hope things continue to stay calm for you! Xoxo

  3. Do you do the same with roses to get the rose water? I’d like to try both, just to be sure I get rid of all the negative energy!

  4. Does this really work? Cause if it does, I’m sending my husband to get a whole bag of oranges! I would love to feel calm and chaos free!!

  5. I’m going to be trying this little remedy, for sure. Everyone gets chaos in their life, but it doesn’t mean you need to hang on to that chaos!

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