Organic Grapes Only


Let’s do a little update on just exactly what “The Dirty Dozen” is. The Dirty Dozen is 12 fruits and vegetables that are so loaded with pesticides… the the EWG (Environmental Working Group) had declared these 12 foods… foods that should never grace our lips… unless they are ORGANIC. And we mean that! 
Next up on our Only Eat Organic list is… The Grape. One single grape that was tested… showed 15 different pesticides. 15!! I saw a woman at the grocery store grab a handful of dirty grapes and start popping them into her babies mouth… I almost vomited in my mouth! Had she known that she was poisoning her baby… she may have grabbed the organic grapes instead.
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Coffee… The Better Human Way!


Let’s put down the cream…. and pick up the butter! Butter Coffee or Bullet Proof (a registered trade marked brand-name) is getting a lot of press these days. What exactly is it? It’s the latest rage in coffee drinking… since the Starbucks Frappuchino! 
The art of putting grass fed butter and MTC oil… (medium chain triglycerides, that come from coconut oil) into an Organic and Mycotoxin free coffee…. Trader Joes has a very nice one from Costa Rica


1.Brew the the toxin free coffee in the French Press
2. Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend until you have a beautiful froth on top
3. Pour into a mug… and sprinkle with cinnamon (optional)  


The results? After my first cup of Butter Coffee… I noticed that my stomach stopped growling (I was starving at the time) and my hunger disappeared for several hours. It so disappeared that… the thought of eating actually made me feel nauseous. I also had so much more energy… that I got twice the amount of errands done than usual… in half the time! It was very subtle.. but my thoughts were clearer and my recall for facts was better. I did feel a tiny bit jittery… but I never drink caffeinated coffee… so it could have been the caffeine… or the MTC oil can cause anxiety if overused. Overall… I give it a 9 out of 10! Butter Coffee for a better day….  


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The Dirty Dozen… and WHAT!?


Let’s start with the…. and WHAT? As you can see from the photographs… there is not one… but 7 food items in my basket. The reason? Well one of these 7 is a total “DIRTY DOZEN.” And the rest are… ways of boosting our inner SPF. What you ask? This I tell…..
There are 7 foods that will help us boost our inner SPF. These seven foods will help protect our skin from the sun… and allow us longer time in the sun without burning or even helping skin heal after exposure! Now we are by NO means saying to go without SUNSCREEN…. But we are saying your skin will be protected longer and these seven will actually make our skin stronger! Read on My Most Beautiful Peeps……
Watermelon…. Two cups daily will protect us by 26% more burn time in sun
Carrots…. Two cups daily slashes burn time by 29%!
Chocolate... Now you have MY attention… 20 grams is all it takes of dark chocolate to double the amount of burn time… That’s 50%!!
Peppers….. peppers will help us bounce back quicker from sunburn by speeding up the cellular repair due to the large content of vitamin C. 
Green Tea…. The catechins in the tea will boost skins resistance to damage… add in some lemon… now we are talking an 80% boost in the absorption of the catechins!
Walnuts… These nuts will cause us to be protected by 50% more… by eating just half a cup daily. And the Omega 3s we will be consuming with reduce inflammation in our bodies like no bodies business!
Pomegranate… 25% protection by consuming 3/4 of a cup daily… of the delicious red juice of this magical fruit!
There you go!! SPF increasing foods to add to our diets daily!! Now on to the DREADED…. Dirty Dozen! This one is a shocker… 
HOT PEPPERS! Yes My Beautiful Peeps… The hot pepper is a serious non organic TOXIC perpetrator! USDA testing of 739 samples of hot peppers found residues of 3 highly toxic insecticides! 3!!  The concentration levels of acephate, oxamyl and chlorpyrifos were so high that is is a cause of serious concern to the USDA. These bad boys are so toxic that they have been banned from use on all fruits and vegetables…. except hot peppers. Go figure. Go ORGANIC… or Bust!! 


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The Dirty Dozen & Strawberries

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There are 12 foods that we should NEVER eat…. unless they are ORGANIC. They are called… The Dirty dozen! The residue pesticides that reside in and on the “Dirty” are enough to say… “If it ain’t organic… I ain’t buying… nor will I eat it!” The levels are so high that we personally here at Fabulous365 think that the harm they bring… outweighs the benefits of eating these fruits and vegetables. Every week we will bring you a new “Dirty Dozen” perpetrator. Up this week?…

The Strawberries organic

Strawberries are always on the list due to the fungus that lives on a strawberry. Around 60 different pesticides have been found in strawberries that are sold in the markets. The STRAWBERRY is an ORGANIC MUST!! Please don’t even consider buying this fruit unless organic is stamped across the packaging!

laura dunn holding strawberries organic
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Drink Up!


Get faster… quicker…. better re-hydration with ice. New studies have shown that drinking an ice cold glass of water will help re-hydrate us quicker than room temperature. The Journal of Physiology reports that the ice cold will pass through the stomach to the intestines faster for a much more rapid absorption. With the barometer rising…. it’s time to make sure we are really hydrated. Dehydration is could be just about one of our bodies worst enemies!! The laundry list of DEHYDRATION symptoms from The Mayo Clinic….


Dry mouth
Decreased urine output
Dizziness and or Lightheadedness
Low blood pressure
Rapid heartbeat
Muscle spasms
Vision disturbances
Chest pain
And Crisis Dehydration…..
Respiratory failure
Like I said….. Ice Ice Baby!!



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Once Upon A Lemon

The Secret Lemon Tip

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lemon healthy body fabulous

One of the best things we can do for our bodies!! Grab a cup of steaming water… and squeeze a half of lemon. Why you ask….

Benefits of Lemon Water

1. Gives our immune system a boost.

Vitamin C is like our immune system’s jumper cables… and lemon juice is loaded with it!.The level of vitamin C in our system…. is one of the first things to plummet when we are stressed, which is why experts recommended extra vitamin C during especially stressful days.

2. Excellent source of potassium.

Lemons are high in potassium, which is great for heart health, as well as brain and nerve function.

3. Aids digestion.

Lemon juice not only encourages healthy digestion by loosening toxins in our digestive tract, it helps to relieve symptoms of indigestion such as heartburn, burping, and bloating.

4. Cleanses your system.

It helps flush out the toxins in your body by enhancing enzyme function, stimulating your liver.

5. Keeps your skin blemish-free.

The antioxidants in lemon juice help to not only decrease pimples, but wrinkles too! It can also be applied to scars and age spots to reduce their appearance…. and because it’s detoxifying our blood, it will help maintain our skin’s radiance.

6. Helps you lose weight.

Lemons contain pectin fiber…which helps us fight hunger cravings.

7. Reduces inflammation.

Drinking lemon water on a regular basis, it will decrease the acidity in our body, which is where disease states occur. It removes uric acid in our joints…. which is one of the main causes of inflammation.

Drink your hot lemon water daily!!

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The Sky Hi & The Fruit

fruits and wedges nike by laura dunn


Two of our favorite workout accessories? The Sky Hi Dunks by Nike and the fresh fruit infused glass water bottle. These Nike kicks are just about as hip and cool as a workout shoe can be and the wedge adds that uber chic factor. They come in every color under the sun and for that personalized touch… we can custom order whatever sets our hearts on fire . Our favorite color Dunks? Clean and sassy white.

sky hi fruits laura dunn fabulous365

Fruit infused water is the rave…. pre, post or during workout. Just grab your favorite fruit… and place in any glass water bottle for the most refreshingly, beautiful workout water under the sun! The subtle flavor of your favorite fruit… is the perfect accessory.


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