Pass the Pot Please!!!

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There is a new POT in town…. and every single person reading this article should throw their Teflon pots and pans away and run (don’t walk) to your nearest store that carries Ceramic Cookware. Teflon heated at high temperatures releases toxic fumes… that are toxic enough to kill a pet bird…. and can cause people to develop flu-like symptoms called “Teflon Flu.” I could go into all sorts of details….. but let’s keep it short and sweet and get you to the store quicker!
My favorite brands? I have two…. Calphalon and Bialetti. Both available at department stores or Bed, Bath and Beyond. Ceramic Cookware is so easy to use and clean…. it tops my list. The beauty of Ceramic is that even Ralphs is carrying it. I beg of you to cast away… any and all Teflon and start healthy cooking with ceramic.


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32 thoughts on Pass the Pot Please!!!

  1. OMG Julia Childs Beware!!!
    I’ll probably be the tweety-bird on the floor of the cage. Mine r hideously old!! Hate to cook, although I’m in the kitchen more than I wish to be.
    So with this revealing info you’ve shared-
    Pots and Pans be gone!!
    Bed bath & beyond and hop skip and a jump from me!! New Pots, Love it!!! Thanks lovechild!

  2. I had no idea about Teflon. I’ve always used these. I better get out my 20% coupon from Bed Bath &Beyond and get shoppin’!! Thank you for this important information!

  3. This title caught my attention! It is important that we educate ourselves on what we are using to prepare and serve our meals. This is something we are putting into our bodies. And what a great excuse to go on a shopping spree! I like it!

  4. I cook all the time and I only use ceramic. I use Le Creuset and I love it. They are on the more expensive side of ceramic cookware, but so worth it. And they come in all different fun colors. I mix it up all the time. It makes cooking fun (the glass of wine helps too, of course!)

  5. I’m trying to be healthier and here I am, putting toxins into my body with no idea I’m doing that. I will definitely have to look into this more and see what else I’m missing. This is very important information. Does the same go for baking ware too?

  6. This blog just came at the right time! I am in the market to shop for a new set of pots! I guess bed bath and beyond it is. I will stick with the ceramic pots .

  7. My boyfriend does all the cooking in our household. I have no idea what he uses, but I will relay this information to him, for sure. Thank you, Laura!

  8. Love the way your kitchen looks!! I wonder how the rest looks…. i bet amazing! I have never put any thought into my pans and pots. I will check out what I have at home and start buy ceramic pots

  9. My favorite is Cuisinart. And both Calphalon and Bialetti are great brands too. It’s not too expensive if you acquire a piece or two at a time. And before you know it, you’ll have a whole set. Bon Appetite!

  10. I think that this is great information that you have shared with us. Did not know about the toxic fumes. I’m glad I know this now so I can prevent my family from getting sick just with a small purchase of a ceramic pot. My other pots I will have to say bye bye to.

  11. Easy to clean?! I’m IN! I have not used ceramic before, but am now looking forward to it! I do have a cast iron dutch oven that I absolutely love!

  12. Although I don’t live under a rock, I had no idea about Teflon. I am horrified after researching it! Thank you for the tips.

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