As you may… or may not… know, for the past two years… I have the distinct honor of doing a monthly column for Genlux magazine. Genlux has allowed me to share my “I Can’t live without” fashion, health and beauty list with their readers. Genlux Magazine is Los Angeles answer to the fashion bible… it’s about a new generation of women that are passionate about luxury fashion, beauty, giving back and caring for the world. Their goal is to bring information about fashion, charity events, beauty and the people that create it. The photography rivals Vogue.. and it could be just about the most beautiful magazine in the world. The photo below… is on the back cover of the latest issue of Genlux…. that just hit the newsstands yesterday! It is beyond beautiful… and I would like to thank founders and Stephen Kamifuji and Cecillia Moreno for their support of Fabulous365 and myself… Laura Dunn. I am filled with gratitude for Genlux allowing me a voice… and bringing color and vision to Los Angeles and the world. 


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6 thoughts on GENLUX MAGAZINE

  1. I read your blog every morning! Wows- beautiful photo – would love to read a copy of Genlux. Is it sold in Scottsdale Arizona?

    Sally –

  2. Hi Sally,

    You should be able to find Genlux at most magazine stands in Scottsdale. Please let me know if you have any issues finding it… and we will get you an exact location ASAP! It’s such an amazingly beautiful magazine and I am so honored to be a part of it!

    Stay Fabulous!!



  3. I get so excited to open my 365 from you Laura – to know what current fashion I might still pull off!
    Can I get that magazine here on Nantucket? I am with my Vogue Fashion editor and model mother (turning 87 in a week) who worked with Diana Vreeland – daughter Lily worked with Anna Wintor – we are all obsessed with you and your blog! I’m running to put on a jean skirt I’ll find in my attic and give a new incarnation to! Amazing! Love you!

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