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Art and Fashion 

I had the great pleasure of meeting the RETNA himself in person for the first time at his studio right after his collaboration with Louis Vuitton in 2013. RETNA was one of three artists that were chosen to design a series of LV scarves for the “Street Art Collection.” And it just so happened that on that bright sunny day in downtown Los Angeles, I had one of those scarves in my car! He signed it and it now resides framed above a fireplace in my home. It truly is a perfect mix of Art and Fashion! After a tour of the studio, I spied one of my all time favorite pieces of art – a highly polished, chrome airplane wing that was painted with the signature Retna calligraphy. Stunning does not describe the piece where upon viewing for the first time… my body was engulfed in goose bumps and the world stopped – at that moment I became a fan for life. Mr. Lewis was also commissioned in 2011 to paint the tail wing of a VistaJet valued at $60 million US dollars. We personally own several RETNAS, including a surf board that was part of a charity collection and can be seen in the archives here on Fabulous365. Not only is RETNA a great talent… he is an amazing human being.  One word describes the Man and his Art…. Fabulous.



Our Ode to RETNA Fashion

Red dress by Lanvin, summer 2015 collection, 

Necklace, Gloves & Shoes by PRADA 




Laura_Dunn-Lanvi-Retna (19)

All my love,

Laura Dunn

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signature Laura Dunn

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48 thoughts on Art and Fashion

  1. To me, I find it amazing that someone who was possibly was labeled as a “Thug” for doing graffiti now is one of the biggest art and fashion icons. Impressive.

  2. Shows that Louis Vuitton is not only a fashion/accessory designer, it’s a collaboration of art meets fashion!

  3. What a huge honor to get to do your art for Luis Vuitton and VistaJet! That is a sure sign you have “Made it” as an Artist!

  4. It was interesting reading that although not just anyone can read or understand what he is writing, he says a lot of the writing are things and nicknames his Mom used to call him.

  5. He knows Gregory Siff too???? How have I not heard of RETNA before if he is close to so many great street artists?

  6. This is a true story of being able to never work a day in your life if you can find something you love to do and get paid for it!

  7. I really have to stop supporting starving artist because what I pay for this art, he CAN’T be starving! L~O~V~E~

  8. I remember seeing some of his art many years ago and not having any idea who this man was. Now, he really has made a name for himself and really is an inspiration to all of us Artists out there.

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