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This edition of “Art & Fashion” brings us to an iconic name in the art world – Jean-Michael Basquiat – and an iconic name in the world of trendy affordable clothing – Forever 21.


Imagine my surprise when I was on a Pennies & Posh buying spree at Forever 21 and I saw a Jean-Michael Basquiat image on a tee-shirt! Were my eyes playing tricks on me? Could a Basquiat image (one of my all time favorite artists) seriously be on an tee-shirt at Forever 21?



Upon further inspection… there were actually 2 different images… on tees and a sweatshirt. What? Forever21 and art?

Laura_Dunn-Art & Fashion (7)


Laura_Dunn-Art & Fashion (6)

Not just any art… art by one of the most iconic artists in art history? Yes! WOW! Forever 21 has gone uptown with an Art Series…. Another WOW moment! Starting in May of 2014 as a capsule collection… with Keith Haring leading the charge…. and Jean-Michael finishing the series.


Laura_Dunn-Art & Fashion (8)

I caught the tale end as it’s sold out in most stores…. but do yourself a serious favor (even if this is not your look) purchase if you can and hold onto it as they will end up being collector pieces with some serious Ebay value!

Artfully Yours,

Laura Dunn

signature Laura Dunn

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22 thoughts on Art & Fashion

  1. OMG!! R u kidding!? SOLD OUT?
    Phooey, phooey phooey!!!
    How tres horrible!!! I LOVE JEAN-MICHEL BASQUAIT !!!! Such a tortured beautiful soul! Left us much too soon!!

  2. Not my type of art, but I will take your advise and if I am lucky enough to find one, I will for sure purchase and hang onto it!

  3. Hmm, almost looks like something my grade school kid would draw. I know it’s art, but I just don’t see it. Sorry, I feel like I should be more appreciative of this.

  4. Oh no! Has he passed on? It always seems like the most talented are the ones that leave us too soon. I will keep a look out for these awesome t-shirts!

  5. Art & fashion always go so well together! It’s a walking billboard for the artist. Brilliant idea! I wish these weren’t sold out!

  6. In the Andy Warhol pictures, he looks so very young. What a tragedy to lose such and amazing Artist too soon.

  7. You are the master of holding on to a particular style of clothes because you KNOW one day, they will come back into fashion!

  8. When it comes to art, I am more into landscapes but that is what’s great about art, different things appeal to different eyes.

  9. Well, another great suggestion by the Fabulous Laura Dunn! I just took a few minutes to Google Basquiat and I love artists that started out as graffiti artists.

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