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Thigh High

One of the hottest trends this Fall 2015/16 is the boot. Take it all the way the thigh… and we have a sizzling hot 2015-16 trend. Dior did a patent leather sky high, thigh high that’s a serious fashion rage this fall and was my inspiration for today’s post. While googling leather gloves…. I somehow stumbled upon these faux patent leather socks that I wear in today’s photos. They are a tight fitting faux patent leather, thigh high sock…. that when worn with a platform pump gives the illusion of a thigh high boot. So much so that the 3 people that were at the shoot…. thought that I had on an amazing pair of boots. One even asked if it was the Dior. It’s not until you get up close that you realize that it’s actually a shoe…. and even then it just looks like a really cool shoe boot. Again…. another way to wear a shorter skirt with the ability to hide most of the leg. Great for older legs, tan-less legs or legs you just don’t feel like showing off.

Laura-Dunn-thighhigh-collage Laura-dunn-thighhigh-diorlaura-dunn-thighhigh-3IMG_3000-1

Worn with a Peter Piloto skirt from last year, my all time favorite Cosabella bodysuit (more on this body suit next week), a YSL tuxedo jacket from my closet and around my neck is an amazing crystal Prada statement necklace from 6 years ago.

With some sky high love,

Laura Dunn


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32 thoughts on DIY Thigh High

  1. When I read “DIY Thigh High” I was a bit confused. But it makes total sense after reading it! What a great idea and probably cheaper than buying a pair of thigh high boots!

  2. Sexy Mama!! I can’t wait to be able to wear my thigh high boots again this fall/winter! Not sure it’s going to be weather appropriate here in Los Angeles, but I’m doing it anyways! 🙂

  3. The only problem with these stockings is that when you have thick thighs, they tend to roll down. I feel like I would need garters to hold them up.

  4. That is seriously the hottest, coolest, fun and stylish outfit ever! Each piece is delicious but together…and on you….utterly fabulous!

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