Happy Labor Day






End of Summer

We wanted to end summer on a high note…. so we let Barbara Gallardo of Barneys New York, style us for this fun, flirty, floral fable. Barbara…. our Barney’s “go to” for anything fabulous….. hand picked this amazing floral Stella McCartney appliquéd silk crepe de chine jumpsuit. As breezy as butterfly wings, patterned organza appliqués were a major motif in Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer ’15 collection. Made in Italy, this cloud print jumpsuit has beautiful wings that drape and flow with the wind.

We paired the Stella McCartney Jumpsuit with Phill’s Ice Cream to say Good Bye to Summer 2015…. and Hello to Fall.

We wish you the Happiest Labor Day and so look forward to the fun Fall ahead…..

Moral of the story:


and don’t forget to ask for Barbara!

Lots of Labor Day Love,

Laura Dunn

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26 thoughts on Happy Labor Day

  1. DARLING U look A-mazing!!!
    YOU Wear IT Well!!!
    What a beautiful departure to Summer!!
    Happy Labor Day ANGEL, I look at this and I see the Ocean and I yearn for the beach, I look at this and see a butterfly and want a picnic!! Oi Vay, what’s a girl to do, but have an ice-cream!!!

  2. I’ll take a chocolate dipped one, please! Barbara did a fabulous job styling you for this shoot! You look great! Love the jumpsuit!

  3. With this weather in Los Angeles, it feels more like the beginning of summer! It’s still HOT and that ice cream looks so refreshing and good! Yummy!

  4. I can’t believe summer is almost over and Labor Day has come & gone. I hope you enjoyed your weekend. We did the same thing and ate yummy ice cream. Very cute photos!

  5. Oh I love this romper! So cute and appropriate for the holiday! You look great….and the ice cream doesn’t look bad either! 😉

  6. I’d love to have a stylist! And Barbara seems to know exactly what looks great on you! I hope you had a fun end of summer weekend!

  7. I think I read on your past blog that white is OK after Labor Day! And good thing, cause with this 100° weather, summer is still in full swing! Enjoy the ice cream!

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