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New School Overalls

We actually featured this story a year ago…. without a bang. This year…. BANG! It took a year to catch on…. but the leather overall is a serious trend staple for this fall 2015. Easy to wear and easy to dress up or down. With a black pump and silk shirt…. these Rag and Bone leather overalls can take us from day to night in the change of just two items. The original story I wrote on these overalls was “Am I too old to wear leather overalls?” The answer is a resounding… No! I am not too old. My view in the past year has changed so much on what is “Age Appropriate.” I am at the stage of…. if it looks good on you and you feel great in that outfit… wear it! Unless you have things hanging out that could be offensive to other people… I think we can all be our own judges on to what we should wear. I paired the overalls with my favorite pair of glitter sneaks by Philippe Model and I felt pretty damn good!!

Happy Friday and Happy Wear Whatever Looks Good on You Day!!

Big kiss and Lots of Love,

Laura Dunn

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35 thoughts on Leather OverAlls

  1. It’s just too darn hot for leather right now. I’m so looking forward to the cooler weather so I can wear something like this and be comfortable. Come on Fall….

  2. Rag & Bones should pay you for advertising! I’m sure, just like me, many have never heard of them until I started reading your blog. Now I’ve been on their website and even purchased a pair of jeans!

  3. I have never really liked wearing leather pants. Even with a lining, I feel like they stick to my legs especially if they are skinny style like Olivia’s.

  4. I feel like you need to be tall to pull off overalls! Maybe its all the old school articles I have read in the past.

  5. I like the black shirts you and Olivia Palermo are wearing but you can probably wear just about any darn color and I like that!

  6. I friggen adore the sneakers you are wearing. I always buy Nike’s or Coach but these are begging me to buy them.

  7. WAY too hot for leather! Uggg! I’m sick of this heat. I want to wear leather & sweaters and fun stuff like that! Crossing my fingers that it will start to cool off!

  8. I’ve never seen leather overalls before. When I think of overalls, I think blue jean, casual. But the leather just brings a whole new chic about them. Paired correctly, this could be an outfit worn for a night on the town!

  9. This so trendy and on point for this season. You must be a psychic cause you know the WOW factor before it even hits!

  10. You and Palermo are rocking that look! Love it! Also, love your hair color and cut, your facial features and your beautiful smile! I can’t figure out your age so maybe you are just ageless! Thanks for your wonderful posts! The only thing I don’t get is that strange big red skirt you’re wearing on your site picture. It isn’t worthy of you, girlfriend! Awkward! Honor your great figure and show it off!

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