Pennies & Posh: The Denim Jumpsuit

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The Denim Jumpsuit

The JumpSuit just keeps rolling along and seems to be gaining some serious momentum for the fall and winter of 2015/16! I found this little bargain of a jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters for a cool $29.00! $29.00 bought me a serious bargain and some serious cool factor!! What I loved most about this outfit is the fact that it can be…. repeat after me…. dressed up or dressed down…. with the change of a few items. We started off with our Converse to give it that slouchy “I don’t care” look. We added more Pennies with our ridiculously inexpensive leather and brass belt from Planet Blue. Then we stepped into our favorite Mui Mui clogs from a few seasons past…. and thew on a Shourouk necklace, the ever present Harry Winston watch and called it a Posh day. Easy breezy and so easy to wear for any body type, and height (just roll up the legs for an even cooler look) and as we all know… denim looks great with any skin tone. So there you go my most fabulous Peeps… a really inexpensive denim jumpsuit that gives you a lot of bang for the buck…. and anyone on the planet can wear it!!


Laura Dunn

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50 thoughts on Pennies & Posh: The Denim Jumpsuit

  1. Last jumpsuit I bought was also on the heels of your own purchase at Urban Outfitters, it was the Army green and I too thought they were going to call security as I walked out the door with my purchase. It was clearly way over the $100.00 mark and I bought it on sale for 25.00 !!! What a steal!!! I still get compliments on it every time I wear it.
    So now I hope I get lucky again with this one. I love it!!!

  2. Ahhhh, there are those shoe that I adore! So cute! Looks great with the jumpsuit. But I think those shoes would look cute with just about anything!

  3. Seriously, Laura… look amazing in everything you wear. Your “I don’t care” look is still classy and sassy! Being a vertically challenged individual, I’m hesitant to try a jumpsuit. You have me thinking about it……………we’ll see!

  4. So glad to see you back! I missed you on Wednesday! You are my morning blog ritual! Can’t start the day with out Fabulous365!

  5. You have such a knack for showing outfits before they are worn by everyone. You get the look first, share it with your loyal readers, make us look cute then by the time the world is wearing the look, we are onto the next! Bravo.

  6. I love that you blogged on this today…I just bought myself a skinny jumpsuit like this and now I know how to accessorize it!

  7. Seriously? $29? Now that is a price range right up my alley! At that price, I can also but a cute pair of shoes to go with the jumpsuit 🙂

  8. I live in my jumpsuits and overalls! They are the most comfortable thing I own. And the most versatile piece of clothing too.

  9. You should wear this color more often. Your eyes really pop! I like that this can be dressed up or down & looks so comfortable.

  10. This has so much bang for your buck. And even if we cant afford the posh items, you can find cheaper ones that look the part!

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