Pennies & Posh: The FRINGE Jacket

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I just can’t stop…. I am fringe addicted!! I found this jacket by Glamorous on-line when I couldn’t find a fringe jacket at any store over the summer. We shot this a month ago and I started my fringe jacket search in June. Now…. it’s everywhere!! But this little light weight jacket is a steal at $59.00 and it’s is a lot of look…. and a lot of comfort. I paired with my ripped Rag & Bones white jeans, my staple James Perse white button down (I own 15) and my Mui Mui clogs (another staple). This jacket is the absolute perfect throw-on for those cool fall days…. or if you live in Los Angeles… those cool fall evenings.


Laura Dunn


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26 thoughts on Pennies & Posh: The FRINGE Jacket

  1. I like that you have several “Staple” closet items involved! These are items that seriously MUST be in everybody’s closet!

  2. I have a jacket similar to this that I’ve had for 25+ years. I guess it’s time to take it out of my closet and start wearing it!

  3. My Mom used to have a bunch of fringe jackets but ended up throwing them away as she thought they were too “80’s”…Now I wish she hadn’t!!

  4. You’ve definitely done it again! You have found a great “pennies” to share with us! I love the jacket! I just wish I could afford the “posh” part as well!!

  5. I love the color of this jacket! I’m going to see if I can find something like this online. It’s exactly what I’m looking for!

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