Pennies & Posh … The Pink Coat

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The Pink Coat

Today’s edition of Pennies & Posh brings us to….. The Pink Coat. Dior pink that is! Since summer of 2015, Dior has been running ads featuring “Pink.” Pink coats, pink purses, pink perfume bottles, pink flowers… Pink, pink, pink! So gorgeous are these ads… especially the one with a pink coat and pink gloves, that I became totally obsessed with pink. So I googled “Dior Pink Coat” and the first image to cross my screen was our coat featured today. At $59.00…. Dior it’s not, but you can still get that Dior feeling by adding a pair of pink leather gloves (another fall 2015 obsession of mine) and a little black dress. Of course you have to posh it out with something fabulous, so we chose a pair of pink Valentino Rockstud patent leather pumps and a pair of embellished La Perla hose to give it that oomph factor.

There you go…. a way to get that Dior look….. without that Dior price!

Big kisses!!

Laura Dunn


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Here are some great links that will help you “think pink!”

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38 thoughts on Pennies & Posh … The Pink Coat

  1. I am surprised pink is the new black going into winter. Usually I think of pink as a spring color but I am sure glad it is! I love pink, all pinks.

  2. My boyfriend collects guitars, I collect shoes & purses! And my favorite happen to be of the pink kind! Who doesn’t look good in this color?! LOL

  3. I am a first time blogger on your page and I must admit, GIRL, you got it going on. So much fun stuff I am on fabulous overload!

  4. I’m loving the posh on this! The coat is cute & a great deal, but who can look at anything else but those Valentino shoes?!?!

  5. I like how you paired all of the different fabrics & patterns together. (Ie. The pattern on your dress with the pantyhose pattern, jacket & gloves fabric). Great job they look great!

  6. I love how you paired everything!!! Love the pink and the la perla hose are AMAZING! You look younger and sexier every post! How do you do it? Reveal the secrets please!!!! xoxo

  7. Everything is so nice! ….except not a big fan of the pink gloves:(. They remind me a little of dishwashing gloves. You look great though!

  8. I love how this coat is tapered in on the waist then flows out a bit. It shows off the tiny waist. I hope it will look as good on me as it does you!

  9. I was walking through Macy’s today & saw Dior everywhere. I think the brand is tasteful & feminine. Excited to try a few of their products. The pink purse sold me!

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