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We all need a graphic rocker retro tee in our closets for the easiest and edgiest of looks. My all time favorite? The Lenny Kravitz Rocker Tee from Retro Brand. The Original Retro Brand has recreated our favorite old t-shirts by combining all the qualities of a great fitting vintage t-shirt with classic logos from past and present. Let’s tuck that tee into our Flying Monkey Skinny Jeans… top it with a with a seriously bad-ass vintage jacket from Gucci…. add on our vintage Dries Van Noten bandana necklace, Chrome Hearts belt, Chanel calfskin biker boots… and we now have the chicest of chic rocker looks.


Shop The Look:

Jacket (similar version)- Christopher Kane

Tee Shirt- Retro Brand

Jeans- Flying Monkey

Boots (different version)- Aldo Annelisse

Belt (love this one!)- Prada

Spray Cans- Mr. Brainwash

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