The Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Guide!


Happy Father’s Day!

Father’s Day is just a few days away and we have several amazing last minute gift ideas for dad! We went high-end this year…. because dad’s are worth their weight in gold and why would you not honor the man that helped bring you onto this earth with something that would knock his socks off?! So here is our fabulous gift guide!


~ Just always remember – a Father is neither an anchor to hold us back… nor a sail to take us there…. but a guiding light whose love shows us the way ~







I would love to dedicate this post to my Father-in-Law, Mr. David J. Dunn for always being my anchor… and for always being the guiding light to show me the way. My father passed away when I was 20 years old and David (Grampie) stepped into my father’s shoes… always being there for me and my family. Thank you Grampie for your unending love & guidance….

Love Always,


Please go to the comment section and tell us all about your Father!


P.S…. Opppsssss…. Steve Dunn!! I stole your look! hahahaha 

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39 thoughts on The Fabulous Father’s Day Gift Guide!

  1. Wow, those are some nice gift ideas! My father passed away 16 years ago. I believe he’s still with me from time to time.

  2. I haven’t celebrated Father’s Day in years. My dad went to the angels a long time ago. My husband and I are divorced and our kids are grown, so they do their own thing with their dad on that day. I tend to pamper MYSELF on Father’s Day! 😉

  3. We usually do something together, outdoors for Father’s Day. Hike, bike ride, go to the lake. My dad never wants gifts. He just wants the company. He’s such a sweet man! I love him with all my heart!

  4. My mom was also my dad, she is a single mom, so we celebrate her for both days! Usually has something to do with cocktails, LOL! I thank my mom every day for the job she did raising her kids alone. Very brave.

  5. I love the Man Can idea. Very cute & unique. It’s hard to come up with gifts when your parents have everything they need (and don’t want anything). But this would also be a great gift for my husband (from the kids) Thank you for the fun suggestions!

  6. Both my parents have passed, so we celebrate my husband, who is an amazing father! He deserves all that we can give him!

  7. Cute photos! Thanks for the great ideas! The speaker might be something I would consider to get my pops! He would totally use that while he’s working in the garden.

  8. My dad was a single dad who raised three girls. He was such a wonderful, attentive father. We miss him very much! Rest in peace, Daddy!

  9. I wish I could tell all the kids who treat their Mom’s and Dad’s with a lack of respect, “You only get one Mom and one Dad, CHERISH them”!!

  10. My dad would love any of these gifts. But he lives out of state and really all he wants is his kids close by. So my gift to him is going to visit him this weekend! Can’t wait to spend some time with him.

  11. The only thing my dad ever wanted (when us kids were young), was a day “off” to go fishing! So we always obliged. These days, now that we are grown and spread across the country, he just wants to spend time with us and his grand kids. Life is precious the older you get.

  12. Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful fathers out there! Especially the single dads….hats off to ya!

  13. Although I am tight on a budget to possibly afford some of the extravagant gifts, I think I can go back to some of your posts on Fab365 and get some other really great ideas!

  14. I am lucky to have many male figures in my life that all play the Dad role in making sure I was raised proper and with respect.

  15. I always wonder why it is that Dad’s always get really cool things to play with but Mom’s get rigatoni necklaces!!! I want a Bentley!!!!

  16. My Dearest Readers,

    I love all of your comments…. and now learning all about your Fathers. Thank you for sharing and thank you for coming back and being part of the fabulous365 family!

    May you and your Fathers be blessed this Father’s Day 2015!

    All my love!


  17. David Dunn IS an amazing man. I have been privileged to know him for years and you are a very lucky Daughter in Law.

  18. My dad gets homemade stuff from my kids. He loves it! But as for what I get him, it’s hard to get for someone who has everything! I like the Man Can best because it’s items he would use on a daily basis and it’s just great packaging!

  19. I’m a new daddy and I can’t wait to celebrate this day each year. The only thing I’m bummed about is that school is already let out by the time father’s day comes around that I won’t be getting the homemade school gifts! But really, my daughter is gift enough! Happy Father’s Day all!

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