GENLUX Magazine


October 2015


The Fall Genlux Magazine is on the newsstands now! This issue is about as good as it gets!

Please pick up a copy of Southern California’s premier fashion magazine!!




Laura Dunn

P.S. We just wanted to remind you that we are stripped down because…… we are under construction!!! The brand NEW (With a new name) blog will be up in a little over a week!! Exciting? You bet cha!! We can’t wait to debut our new look!! Stay Tuned!!


For these looks and more click the links below or visit our Boutique page!

signature Laura Dunn

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24 thoughts on GENLUX Magazine

  1. I actually didn’t know about Genlux Magazine until I saw it on your Fabulous365 blog. Thank you for helping all of your fans look and be a awesome as you!

  2. I’m new to this blog and I’ve never heard of this magazine. I’ll have to pick one up and check it out! Thanks!

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