Salamat Pagi (Good Morning) My Most Beautiful Peeps. Over the past 4 years…. it is on a very very rare occasion that there is not a daily post up. I am in Bali… on a spiritual retreat (sitting in front of some of the most powerful healers in the world) and my internet has been beyond sketchy. So please hang tight… and I hope to get a post up everyday going forward.

P.S. It is with the greatest excitement that I announce The Brand Spankin “New Fabulous365” is just weeks away from launching!!! I will post on my Bali experience then…. and share with you information on one of the most spiritual places on the planet.

Salamat Malam

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One thought on BALI

  1. Sounds like you are having quite a time! Be safe & happy while you are on your trip and on the way home. Want to have you over for dinner after you get home.

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