Pennies & Posh … The Pink Coat

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The Pink Coat

Today’s edition of Pennies & Posh brings us to….. The Pink Coat. Dior pink that is! Since summer of 2015, Dior has been running ads featuring “Pink.” Pink coats, pink purses, pink perfume bottles, pink flowers… Pink, pink, pink! So gorgeous are these ads… especially the one with a pink coat and pink gloves, that I became totally obsessed with pink. So I googled “Dior Pink Coat” and the first image to cross my screen was our coat featured today. At $59.00…. Dior it’s not, but you can still get that Dior feeling by adding a pair of pink leather gloves (another fall 2015 obsession of mine) and a little black dress. Of course you have to posh it out with something fabulous, so we chose a pair of pink Valentino Rockstud patent leather pumps and a pair of embellished La Perla hose to give it that oomph factor.

There you go…. a way to get that Dior look….. without that Dior price!

Big kisses!!

Laura Dunn


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Here are some great links that will help you “think pink!”

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Pennies & Really Posh: Burberry trench

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Posh off the Runway….

Today’s story brings us to The Los Angeles County Museum of Art, AKA: LACMA…. where we shot inside the famed rows of lights. These photographic dream lights have been shot by many a photographer…. and today our creative director, Tiffany Marie Brannon, takes all the photo credit. Today’s Pennies & Posh could be just about one of my all time favorites! The Italian made, Burberry trench coat is straight off the Spring/Summer runaway 2015, with details only Burberry could put on a trench coat. The removable collar and cuffs are a dreamy pink patent leather that accentuates the multi-color cotton blend body of the coat. The cut of this trench coat is so exquisite…. I actually squealed with delight upon placing on my body. Add in a front button closure, front and back storm flaps, two side pockets and a matching belt. PERFECTION in TRENCH! Coming in at a very posh price around three thousand dollars…. but unfortunately Sold Out across the globe! An Alexander McQueen silk skull scarf and a sequin Mui Mui purse finish off the Posh.

We “Pennied” out this outfit with a pair of Zara glitter boots that were gifted to me by my daughter, Beau. Talk about excitement!!! I opened that package thinking I was holding the Saint Laurent glitter boots that took the runway by storm this Fall 2015/16! I cried with delight when I found out these Zara knock offs were a mere $49.00, compared to the $1000.00 for the Saint Laurent. We finished off the Pennies part of this story with a pair of Flying Monkey jeans….

laura-dunn-burberry collagelaura-dunn-burberry-glitter bootie

Happy Wednesday and Happy Shopping!!

All my love,

Laura Dunn

IMG_0012laura-dunn-LACMA trench

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Pennies & Posh: The Denim Jumpsuit

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The Denim Jumpsuit

The JumpSuit just keeps rolling along and seems to be gaining some serious momentum for the fall and winter of 2015/16! I found this little bargain of a jumpsuit at Urban Outfitters for a cool $29.00! $29.00 bought me a serious bargain and some serious cool factor!! What I loved most about this outfit is the fact that it can be…. repeat after me…. dressed up or dressed down…. with the change of a few items. We started off with our Converse to give it that slouchy “I don’t care” look. We added more Pennies with our ridiculously inexpensive leather and brass belt from Planet Blue. Then we stepped into our favorite Mui Mui clogs from a few seasons past…. and thew on a Shourouk necklace, the ever present Harry Winston watch and called it a Posh day. Easy breezy and so easy to wear for any body type, and height (just roll up the legs for an even cooler look) and as we all know… denim looks great with any skin tone. So there you go my most fabulous Peeps… a really inexpensive denim jumpsuit that gives you a lot of bang for the buck…. and anyone on the planet can wear it!!


Laura Dunn

laura-dunn-denim jumpsuit converse




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Pennies & Posh: The FRINGE Jacket

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2 Fringe JAcjet-1 copy



I just can’t stop…. I am fringe addicted!! I found this jacket by Glamorous on-line when I couldn’t find a fringe jacket at any store over the summer. We shot this a month ago and I started my fringe jacket search in June. Now…. it’s everywhere!! But this little light weight jacket is a steal at $59.00 and it’s is a lot of look…. and a lot of comfort. I paired with my ripped Rag & Bones white jeans, my staple James Perse white button down (I own 15) and my Mui Mui clogs (another staple). This jacket is the absolute perfect throw-on for those cool fall days…. or if you live in Los Angeles… those cool fall evenings.


Laura Dunn


1 Fringe JAcjet copyIMG_5349-1

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Pennies & Posh: 70’s Remix – The Fringed Cape


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The Fringed Cape is here for Fall 2015! I was so excited to put this look together…. as it’s one that I wore back in my high school days. Suede fringed jacket with my bellbottoms and Kork-ease…. I was quite the fashion-ista! It’s back again…. only this time a little more refined. A Zara fringed cape at $129.00 replaces my fringe suede jacket, which many, many years ago cost in the $450.00. Paired with Frame blue washed bell bottoms (replacing my Levis) a white silk blouse by Equipment (replacing a Led Zeppelin tee shirt)…. a pair of metallic gold Prada gloves…. and a pair of Fernando Pensato cork wedges (replacing my Kork-ease). I adore this look and you will be seeing a lot of fringe from us… this Fall of the Fringe 2015!!

Lots of Fabulous Fringed Love,

Laura Dunn





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Pennies & Posh: The White Shirt


laura-dunn-peniesposh-white shirt-2



The White Shirt

I found this white button down at one of my favorite Pennies & Posh stores… Forever21. Coming in at 19.00 it’s a great value and the bold black graphic writing gives it fun edge to a plain white shirt. I am the biggest fan of the white shirt as I have written about before (and I am sure I’ll write about it again in the future) but white is our best shade to wear on top…. as it acts like a reflector and gives every skin tone a nice glow. I paired it with one of my favorite denim brands… One Teaspoon. This distressed One Teaspoon skirt was my “go to” skirt over the summer…. and I will be wearing it to transition into fall with some chunky knit sweaters…. but for now…. I’ll just tie up my white shirt and dream of cooler days!!

Lots of Crisp Collared Love,

Laura Dunn xoxo

p.s. Check out the links below or visit our Boutique page for ways to shop this look! The One Teaspoon skirt was actually just marked down this week for Pre-Fall sales!


laura-dunn-penniesposh-shirt-pearl and bob

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Coming So Soon!! 


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Pennies & Posh: The Jumpsuit





The Pennies & Posh Jumpsuit

This edition of Pennies & Posh brings us back to The Jumpsuit…. which is still going very, very strong for fall 2015. My sleeveless Forever21 black jumpsuit could not be a better transition piece… as it can be worn “as is” in September in Los Angeles. September is typically our hottest month with temperatures soaring up to 110 degrees! So dressing for fall when it’s that hot… can be a bit of an issue. This light weight jumpsuit is the perfect choice…. then I throw a little white button down under…. or a tee shirt with a cardigan on top… and it’s a great summer to fall transition piece for when the weather gets a bit cooler. At $19.00 even if I only wore it once it’s a steal! I added in another one of my favorite new looks… the gold metal belt. This stunner is is seriously a lot of look for a seriously little amount of money. I have seen several of these metal belts in the $500 to $1000.00 range and I actually paid $59.00 for the one I am wearing. I threw in the studded Christian Louboutin flats, a vintage Chanel Logo C necklace and Hermes  leather bracelet to add the Posh factor…. and VIOLA! The Pennies & Posh…. Summer to Fall Transition Jumpsuit!

With Lots of Pennies and Posh Love,

Laura Dunn

P.S. The beauty of this jumpsuit is that any size, height, or age will look good in it! A total keeper! Great to wear with flats, heels or platforms





Pearl Dunn loves the Jumpsuit too!


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Pennies & Posh: The Skirt





I bought my “Sheer and Now” Mesh Black Midi skirt at Express a month ago when it first came out and had to hold the story because the it sold out in days. It cost in the $89.00 range and for a skirt in this price range… it was like gold! The quality is way out of that league. So what’s a girl to do with a sold out skirt? Can’t write a story about it. Then I am perusing LuLu’s.… my favorite Pennies & Posh site only to find it! YAY! In stock and in white also. Can’t write about the skirt unless I see it…. so I order both. VIOLA! Same skirt… same quality…. Not same price! The one on LuLu‘s is only $56.00. So now we have a real Pennies & Posh love story…. featuring the lovely “Sheer and Now!”

I Posh-ed it out with my all time favorite platform pump… The Tribute by YSL. I bought this oh so classic pump almost 5 years ago and I am telling you…. if you buy expensive classics…. you will be sitting pretty. This 5 year old shoe looks almost exactly the same….. as the day I bought it. And if I tell you I have worn it over 100 times…. would you believe me? True true… Now the updated Tribute Two is out!

Laura_Dunn-Express Skirt (19)

laura-dunn-peniesposh-sheer-skirt-YSL-pumps laura-dunn-peniesposh-sheer-skirt-YSL-collage


Laura_Dunn-Express Skirt (15)

laura-dunn-pennies-posh-sheer-skirt-1-ps logo-3

With some seriously excited Love!

Laura Dunn

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Pennies & Posh: The Trench Edition



This edition of Pennies & Posh brings us back to one of my favorite “Pennies” stores….. FOREVER 21… and today we are “Diggin on a Trench”…. a gray trench that is! FOREVER 21 sent us this gray trench coat last week and I have to say that I was kind of blown away at how rich it looked. Now mind you we are talking $49.00, so I am not promising you the moon…. but for that price it’s a lot of bang for the buck! Especially if you pair it with a few expensive items like our Saint Laurent (YSL) suede fringed, kitten heel boots. They came in tan and black and are just about as comfortable as it gets. Pricing in at $1,195… you can now find this boot on sale between $700.00 and $495.00. Add in our Rag & Bone skinny jeans that cost $190 and you have a smashingly great “Pennies & Posh” outfit that will take you from summer evenings…. into fall days with the snap of a finger!

Be sure to check out our Boutique page for these pieces and more of our favorites!





Laura_Dunn-Forever21 Trench Coat (4)

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Laura_Dunn-Benefits of Lemon (15)

Today brings us to The Lemon Grove at Coldwater Canyon. Wearing an amazing Fendi sheer, ruffled front skirt, a crisp white button down shirt by Zara (talk about Pennies & Posh)  and a pair of insanely fabulous YSL platform pumps. Not exactly the perfect lemon picking outfit… but when you find out the how many benefits this little yellow sphere holds…. you will completely understand why I dressed for the occasion!


Laura_Dunn-Benefits of Lemon (17)

A few years back….  I did a little story on my dear friend and actress, Dyan Cannon. It was a tip based story about how a woman in her mature years could look so beautiful, thin and sooooo young. Let me please digress….

Right before I wrote that story…. I had dinner at The Ivy with the beautiful Dyan. Ms. Cannon ordered enough food for a pack of hungry truck wolves. I am the Queen of ordering… but even I was surprised! She proceeded to eat most of it… I am talking an order of fried mushrooms included! The Ivy has the best specialty drinks on the planet… so I of course expected Dyan to order up something fun and exciting to go along with her massive quantities of food…. Not! She had cup after cup of hot water with half a lemon squeezed in each serving. Now Dyan is one of the thinnest women I know. What allows a woman with the body of a teen-ager to consume that amount of food…. and still stay so thin? After grilling her all night on anti-aging tips…. The Lemon Water is the one thing that stayed on my mind. There had to be a correlation between the…. ageless skin, the most amazing body I have ever seen on a woman that age, the shiny hair… the list goes on. Dyan drinks hot lemon water all day and night and I am 100% convinced that is her secret to the fountain of youth….

When life gives you lemons… do like Dyan…. and squeeze them into hot water!

This is one of the best things we can do for our bodies!! Grab a cup of steaming water… and squeeze a half of lemon. Let’s find out Dyan’s anti-aging secret…..




Laura_Dunn-Benefits of Lemon (9)

Laura_Dunn-Benefits of Lemon (13)


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