3 Trends…. One Look


Make up: Edgar Santos
We are continuing to see how many trends for Spring/Summer 2015 we can put into one look. Today’s outfit brings us simple 3 trends that when put all together make for a beautiful daytime look…. that could easily roll into evening. First Trend: The Soft Trench. A trench that’s a soft fabric that has movement…. yet still keeps that structured trench look.  Second Trend: YELLOW. Anything bright yellow this spring will be spot on trend. Third Trend: The Belted Scarf. This is an easy one…. take the long ends of any scarf and tuck them into your skinny belt. There you go…. Three Trends…. One Look…. Spot on trend.




Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365-Spring Trends-2015-Dolce-Gabanna-Louis-Vuitton-j-bRAND-yellow-soft-trench-coat-ana-ochoa-photography




Yellow Trench: Dolce Gabbana
Scarf: Louis Vuitton
Jeans: Velvet J Brand
With some serious spring love!!
Laura Dunn
signature Laura Dunn

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18 thoughts on 3 Trends…. One Look

  1. “They call it Mellow Yellow, that’s rightly”
    Ahhhhh you pretty pretty Easter Baby, right in yellow!!! Have to share my dear, you Look lovely in this color!!!

  2. Unfortunately I don’t get to wear as many jackets as I would like living in Los Angeles, but jackets are a great statement piece!

  3. I have to be careful with long trenches b/c I am short and petite so sometimes I drown in them! But give me yesterday’s band jacket and I am ROCKIN’!

  4. I love the blue Ted Baker jacket you have at the bottom of your blog! I think I won’t survive another day without it!!!

  5. LOVE the cute bulldog!! I want one so bad, but my BF is allergenic to dogs! Boooo! Love the yellow as well! You look amazing!

  6. I really like the trench, but way too hot where I live to wear something like this. I wish I could, cause it looks hot!!

  7. I like this outfit with the heels instead of the booties. It breaks up the outfit a little more. Either way is cute! Too bad it’s so hot here all the time.

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