Save the Rhinos…. with the Rhino Pouch


Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-Rhino Bag (5)-1
Just this moment I am realizing that my amazing “Rhino Pouch” is by Figue…. the designer that brought us the off the charts fabulous “Evil Eye” purse. I read about the “Rhino Pouch” a couple of weeks ago in a fashion magazine…. and when I found out that 30% of the purchase price of $95.00 goes to support the relocation of 100 at-risk rhinos to safe havens in Botswana….. I knew I had to have one! The quality is fantastic and the purple tassel is rich and stunning. Buy a pouch… save a rhino? Yes please! 
PLEASE*PLEASE*PLEASE Help save these beautiful beasts from poaching. The image of a hornless rhino is just too much for any soul to bear….
Here are a few sights for you to check out….
With Love,
Laura Dunn


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Valentine’s Day Love Potion


So….. I was putting together my  pre-requisite Valentine’s Day Gift Guide…. just like every other blogger has done over the past couple of weeks. I was bored to tears…. and thought there had to be something more exciting to represent Valentine’s Day than a bouquet of flowers or a candle. Then it hit me…. The Love Potion! Who wouldn’t want to make…. and drink…. a Love Potion? Exciting right?? Let’s get started!!



Pour 1 cup of fresh water into a saucepan. Add to the water…. 2 teaspoons of dried jasmine flowers, 1 tablespoon of dried rose petals, a vanilla pod split lengthwise or a ¼ teaspoon of vanilla extract, and 1-2 cinnamon sticks. Stir and let simmer for 4 to 5 minutes.

Passion…. Who doesn’t want it? Our little “Love Potion” will help bring passion, fire and balance into our lives. Drink hot…. or let cool and either shake with ice chips and serve in a martini glass. Or pour over a glass of ice and garnish with either a rose petal or strawberry. Let the LOVE begin!! 
Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365-Love-Potion-Valentine's -Day-Roses-Jasmine-Cinnamon-Vanilla
      Happy Valentine’s Day!


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Dynamic Duo….. IS SkinCare



This dynamic duo of skincare is just about as good as it gets! Innovative Skincare has raised the bar in the anti-aging world and come out with two products that have truly blown my mind. Let’s get started….


• Smoothes, hydrates & repairs
• Non-greasy, lightweight cream
• Great for sensitive skin
• Helps prevent DNA damage with Extremozyme Technology
• Firms & lifts skin with growth factors & glycosaminoglycans
• Paraben-free



This California based company has put the science in skincare and has created some of the best products on the market! 
For more information and to purchase please contact:
Carol Alverson, LME, LDT
All my love!
Laura Dunn
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A Plaid Floral Story



Some days you just want to mix it up! In fashion (especially here in Los Angeles) there are really no rules. I feel like if YOU think you look good… and feel good about yourself in whatever you are wearing…. then absolutely anything goes. When I mixed this oversized plaid Rag & Bone silk shirt…. with my maroon floral trousers… I felt like I had a match made in heaven. Funky… yet conservative in a special kind of way. Lately I have personally come out of my black or white solid comfort zone and I am now mixing and matching. Mixing prints started in spring of 2014 and is gaining momentum for spring 2015. It’s really liberating feeling to take two prints that really don’t belong together…. and make them into a fun and funky look! 


Ana and I had a great time playing in Venice Beach!!







Laura-Dunn-Fabulous365-MIX&MATCH-Floral-Plaid-Venice-Beach-FashionAll my love!!

Laura Dunn

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Send In The Troops! Military Jacket by Laura Dunn Spring 2015




Military Jacket by Laura Dunn Spring 2015



The Military trend has been going strong for the past couple of years…. and is now a continuing statement into Resort/Cruise/Spring 2015. This trend has the ability to be such a strong…. yet feminine presence…. that really translates so well onto every body type. Think of Military as an upscale version of the “Army” trend. Military usually is an embellished black or navy frock that has strong armed forces details…. unlike “Army” which is more in the cargo, army green and combat looks department. Think of Military as the officer….. where Army is more of a recruit or private. Always more upscale and always a dressier trend…. Military can even be worn for cocktail and a more casual black-tie.  My Thomas Wylde Military Trench…. is a great statement coat with gold embellishments can be worn over a little black dress and never has to be taken off. My Porsche Aviators and Mui Mui studded pumps finish off this look.

P.S….. We have heard from many people that they are no longer getting FABULOUS365 in their mailboxes. If this has happened to you….. please go to the bottom of this post and simply put in your email address! VIOLA! Simple! Easy! Fabulous!!





Military Jacket by Laura Dunn Spring 2015






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The Sweet & Spicy Smell of Christmas!

Laura dunn The Pomander Ball Christmas

One sniff…. and I am transported back to Christmas past. Nothing smells more like Christmas to me (besides a Christmas tree) than the sweet and spicy smell of a Pomander Ball. I grew up making these balls every year, as it was a tradition my mother started when I was just a little girl…. and it is something that I have passed down to my children. What exactly is a Pomader Ball? It is simply an orange that has been wrapped in ribbon and pierced by cloves. When it dries… it emits a smell like no other… a unique, sweet and spicy scent that will take over your home and heart. 



Laura dunn The Pomander Ball Christmas



Laura dunn The Pomander Ball Christmas

   3 Days to Christmas……. Let the CountDown begin!! 

All My Christmas Love!


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The GingerBread Man

My Beautiful Ladies and Gents…. Welcome to the Christmas Holiday Season 2014! Let’s talk Health and Cookies….. all in the same breath. The GingerBread Man or Woman…. is a most healthy cookie with special powers that we can make at home. Now with the small amount of fresh ginger we are using for our gingerbread cookies is minimal…. but it’s still fresh ginger…. and it still has some serious benefits. Let me share just 4 of the many benefits of the fresh ginger we will be using in our GingerBread People Recipe. 
1* Fresh Ginger has Immunity Boosting properties. 2* Helps protect against Colon Cancer. 3* This is a HUGE one…. Ginger contains very very powerful ANTI-INFLAMMATORY compounds. 4* It’s a safe and effective relief of nausea and vomiting (especially during pregnancy). 
Okay Beautiful Peeps…. Let’s create!! One of our favorite recipes comes from Martha Stewart…..


Laura_Dunn-Fabulous365-Gingerbread (4)
  Happy Healthy Holiday Season!! 
P.S… I have a little useless but FUN GingerBread Trivia…..
* The Largest GingerBread Man ever made….. 20 Feet Tall and weighed 1,308 Pounds! WOW!!
* The GingerBread Man has his own fairy tale… Run run as fast as you can….
* GINGY…. THE zAnY Shrek GingerBread Man
* CandyLand? Yes Peeps…. GingerBread Men rule this game! 
* The Nutcracker Ballet has a whole army of GingerBread men that help defeat the evil Mouse King! 
Laura Dunn
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Gift Wrapping Station


One of my best purchases ever!! The Gift Wrap Cabinet….. from Staples. This unique little cabinet makes keeping all of my wrapping needs in one place…. such a breeze! Wrapping Paper… Check. Ribbon…. Check. Bows… Check. Tape… Check. Scissors… Check. Gift Cards… Check. There are 3 drawers for storing extras… and the 4 center rods make for easiest ribbon access…. ever. Of course the “cabinet” can’t fit all of my wrapping paper….. so I keep two baskets on either side to hold my paper over flow. 

There are a few on the market to choose from…. and let me tell you…. I love this genius little unit so much I actually purchased 3! Ballard designs has come out with a new version that is absolutely perfect for that “shabby chic vintage” office vibe. Keeping “wrapping” organized has never been easier! 










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